- Fix in error caused by LATLONG message
- Added selectable optionfile path for X5/X7 etc.

- Fix in wrong info received from modem
- Fix in uploading optionfile
- Formatting of fields in receive adjusted.
- Keep old value when not receiving info.

- Fix in reconnect script after roaming/reboot
- Disconnecto forced on error in send.
- Fix in Optiofile upload to modem
- Added current satellite in Satroaming message for detection

- Fix for the dataqueue which caused memoryleaks
- Fix for TX-power, now logged centrally in the right way.

- Added option to up and download optionfiles
- Create password entries if not present (encrypted data)
- Several fixes for formatting data-fileds.

- New release for satroaming integration
- Reading all needed values for satroaming
- Capable to upload and download optionfiles
- reads availlable beams for beamswitching and puts them in satroaming for manual handover purposes

NOTE: Upload and Download speed are not readable in the modem.